Streaming Explained

So these days we stream, it's what we do, but what is streaming other than a blanket description we use to cover the subject of digital playback.

In the following article, we will look at music streaming ...

In simple terms, there are really only 3 requirements for a music streaming system in your...

Chord Sarum T Arrives !

We are very excited to announce that we now have the STUNNING Chord Sarum range of cables on demonstration in store!

All Chord Sarum products are very heavily shielded, the interconnects are wrapped with a silver-plated foil and a combination of silver-plated flat braid that is very dense. Thi...

Bristol Hifi Show - Show Report Pt1

Now the dust has settled here is a look back at our visit to this year's Bristol show

With so many brands now using bristol as a place to launch or pre-showcase new products it was sure to be an exciting visit to Bristol this year !

First up we popped along to see our friends at Cyrus Audio , th...

Power Is Nothing Without Control AKA How Many Watts Is Enough ??

In this blog post, we aim to dispell some of the myths when looking to purchase a new amplifier.

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Let's start by looking at the second part of the title - "How many Watts is enough"

To understand this...

Coming soon!

We are working on our first blog post....Check back soon !!

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