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In-Car Tech Review: Road Angel Pure Speed Awareness Device/Camera Detector

In-Car Tech Review: Road Angel Pure Speed Awareness Device/Camera Detector



This review has been produced and provided by a reviewer for Superfi.

Reviewed at £399.99 (RRP)


Ever driven along a new route before and nearly been caught out by that little yellow camera behind that branch? Whether it got you or not, wouldn’t it be good to have a little device in the car to warn you of an upcoming camera and what type it is?


Good news! I’ve found one you might like to tell Alexa to add to your ‘shopping list’. And it’s even won an award!


“gives you up to date information on the current speed limits of the roads you are driving on…”


The 'Pure' is a camera detection unit from Nottingham based company Road Angel. I was offered the opportunity to attend a 1 on 1 presentation on this little gadget at Road Angel’s head office. Whilst I didn’t get the opportunity to have one in my Civic for a proper test (although this would have been good for this review!), I did get to learn all about what it does and how it does it. Upon opening the box, it would seem no expense was spared with the design and material of the packaging inside and out. One thing I did notice was that there was no documentation inside the box itself to explain that I had to ring a certain telephone number to subscribe to one of their packages. Without a subscription, this unit is basically just an expensive speedometer. However, this can be sorted out online very promptly with a smooth transaction and there are often some good deals with the purchase of a new unit – so worth keeping your eye out on this. Back to the box… the unit comes with a dash mount, USB power cable, dual-use power adapter, reset pin, 3 pin UK plug, quick start guide, cleaning cloth, protective pouch and a 3M adhesive pad. So basically, everything you need to get started.



So the unit itself can just sit on your dash board with the dash mount that is included in the box. Or you can upgrade to a wireless dash mount or screen mount. Also available is a hard wiring kit and screen protectors.


The Pure detects all types of cameras on the UK roads. So static speed cameras, mobile camera’s and average speed cameras are all included in this list. Using a live data feed (this is what the subscription is for), it will alert you to:

  • Speed Cameras
  • Average Speed Cameras
  • Mobile Cameras
  • Blackspot Hazard Zones
  • School Zones
  • Laser Gun Speed Monitors
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Congestion Zones



Using a road speed library, the Pure gives you up to date information on the current speed limits of the roads you are driving on. With the Smart Motorway subscription, it will also alert you to live data for speed limits on Smart Motorways as you’re driving on them. With the subscriptions, they have 1, 2 or 3 year subscription lengths available giving you more control.


Overall, if you use roads a lot for work or personal travel, it’s worth considering a Road Angel Pure. Potentially, it could pay for itself in fines that it saves you from! I was impressed with the amount of features it boasts.



Pro's: Could potentially pay for itself if you drive regularly and find it has saved you from receiving speeding tickets. Compact unit with a nice large colour icon display. Different subscription packages available. Hard-wiring kit available so less messy cables dangling. See's all types of camera on the UK roads. 100% road legal.


Con's: Unless you've done your research (or read this review), you may be unaware that this unit requires a subscription to make it fully functional. Nothing else really worth noting!




Would I buy this unit? As I do a lot of driving, yes. However, I would need to seriously consider which subscription package I would realistically need.


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