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The Puritan PSM 156 Power Conditioner is a high-end power conditioning device designed to provide clean, stable power to audio and video systems. By filtering out noise and interference from the power supply, the PSM 156 aims to enhance the performance of connected equipment, resulting in improved sound and picture quality.

Key Features

  1. Advanced Filtering Technology: The PSM 156 uses advanced filtering techniques to remove both high-frequency and low-frequency noise from the power line. This includes differential and common-mode noise.

  2. Multiple Outlets: It typically comes with a series of individually filtered outlets (usually 6 to 12), each designed to isolate connected devices from one another, preventing cross-contamination of noise between components.

  3. High-Current Capability: The PSM 156 is built to handle high-current demands, making it suitable for power-hungry audio amplifiers and other demanding equipment without limiting their performance.

  4. Transient Protection: The unit provides robust protection against power spikes and surges, safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment from potential damage.

  5. Build Quality: Known for its robust construction, the PSM 156 often features high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and long-term reliability.

  6. Plug-and-Play: The design of the PSM 156 emphasizes ease of use, allowing users to simply plug it in and connect their devices without needing extensive setup.

Performance Benefits

  • Improved Audio Clarity: Users report enhanced soundstage, increased detail, and better dynamics in their audio systems when using the PSM 156.
  • Enhanced Video Quality: In video systems, the PSM 156 helps to reduce visual noise and improve picture stability and color accuracy.
  • Reduced Electrical Interference: By filtering out electrical noise, the PSM 156 minimizes the interference that can affect the performance of sensitive audio and video equipment.


  • Home Audio Systems: Ideal for high-fidelity audio setups, ensuring that amplifiers, CD players, DACs, and other components receive clean power.
  • Home Theater Systems: Enhances the performance of home theater systems, including AV receivers, projectors, and media players.
  • Professional Audio and Video: Suitable for use in professional studios and broadcast environments where clean power is critical for optimal performance.


The Puritan PSM 156 Power Conditioner is a sophisticated device designed to provide clean, stable power to a variety of audio and video systems. Its advanced filtering capabilities, high-current handling, and robust protection features make it a valuable addition to any setup aiming for peak performance and protection from power-related issues.


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