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Why should you buy a better digital cable?

Why should you buy a better digital cable?

It is something that is often asked of us, why should I buy an “expensive” digital cable?


It’s just ones and zeroes, it’s digital so there is no difference!




Well, firstly we and all of the cable brands out there would beg to differ, the quality of the digital cable has a larger bearing on why they help the system to sound better.


So, lets first explain what is going on, firstly yes, it is digital and the information is sent in packets, these packets arrive complete and recreate the digital file. So, the outgoing data for the source to the incoming data to the receiver is identical no magic here.


However, there are many things that can make a difference, data cannot simply be called data, there are other constituent parts to this information and this is what will actually be affected by the quality of the cables.


These differences are the other things inside the data, thing like timing, jitter and noise.
Noise in data does not change the actual data however it has a HUGE effect on the receiving device. For example, noise into a DAC it will have a massive effect on the overall sound quality.


So, what a better cable actually does is to decrease the amount of noise that is present in the signal, there are also significant reductions in both jitter and a big improvement in timing.


Noise is easy to explain, the easiest way to describe it is that the quiet bits sound quieter, often referred to as the noise floor of a sound.

Timing, well this is the stop-start of a music note, the first impact of the head of a drum stick on a snare for example, with better cables this becomes the SNAP that it would be if you were in the room with the drummer rather than a slower thud.

Jitter Is very similar to timing and has a large impact on the accuracy of the sound.


So, combine these three really important factors and you can see why cable brands have spent so much time effort and resources producing a great range of audio cables.


At Nottingham Hifi Centre we are proud to be the East Midlands premier Chord Cable dealer. We carry an extensive range of cables from a modest £40 up to in excess of £2,000.


But we wouldn’t expect you might want to just take our word for the improvements that these cables will bring. We have 2 superb demonstration facilities in our newly refurbished store where we will be happy to explore the cable options for your system via listening tests.


So give us a call today to discuss the options and let us help you get the very best from your system!



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