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ARCAM A15 Radia Series Integrated Amplifier

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The ARCAM A15 Radia Series Integrated Amplifier is your gateway to a world of stunning, crystal-clear sounds that will leave you speechless.

Pure Power, Precision, and Purity: Featuring an impressive output of 80W per channel at 8Ω and a staggering 120W per channel at 4Ω, this amplifier ensures that every beat and every note is delivered with absolute precision and power. What sets the ARCAM A15 apart is its commitment to purity, boasting an incredibly low harmonic distortion of only 0.002% even at 80% power. Your music will be as close to the original recording as possible, free from unwanted noise or interference.

Versatile Connectivity: Whether you prefer analog or digital sources, the ARCAM A15 has you covered. With three RCA pairs for analog connections and support for multiple sample rates, you can enjoy your music in the format of your choice with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Sleek Design, Personalized Listening: The ARCAM A15 doesn't just deliver exceptional performance; it boasts a sleek and compact design that seamlessly blends into any audio setup. The headphone output with variable levels allows you to enjoy personalized listening experiences that cater to your preferences.

Global Compatibility: With its global voltage compatibility, the ARCAM A15 is the perfect companion for music lovers around the world. Don't just listen to music – embark on an extraordinary audio journey with the ARCAM A15 Radia Series Integrated Amplifier. Elevate your music, and elevate your life with ARCAM.

Experience High-Quality Sound: The ARCAM A15 Radia Series Integrated Amplifier in sleek black is a powerful addition to any audio setup. With a continuous power output of 80W per channel when driven at 8Ω and an impressive 120W per channel at 4Ω, this amplifier ensures your music is delivered with clarity and precision.

Versatile Connectivity and Impressive Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Equipped with three analogue inputs (RCA pairs), the ARCAM A15 offers flexibility in connecting various audio sources. The signal-to-noise ratio of 106dB ensures that your music is free from unwanted noise and interference. Additionally, the amplifier features digital inputs with support for multiple sample rates, making it compatible with a wide range of digital audio sources.

Headphone Output and Thoughtful Design: For personal listening, the ARCAM A15 offers a headphone output with a maximum output level of 2.5V into 32Ω or 5V into 300Ω. This amplifier is designed to provide a superior listening experience, with a compact form factor and a net weight of 10kg.

  • Power Output: The amplifier delivers a robust power output, ensuring exceptional audio performance.
  • Low Harmonic Distortion: Achieves an exceptionally low 0.002% harmonic distortion even at 80% power, ensuring clarity in audio reproduction.
  • Flexible Analog Inputs: Equipped with three RCA pairs for flexible analog inputs, accommodating various audio sources.
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Analog Inputs): Boasts an impressive 106dB signal-to-noise ratio for analog inputs, ensuring a high-quality and low-noise audio experience.
  • Versatile Digital Inputs: Supports versatile digital inputs that accommodate multiple sample rates, providing flexibility for digital audio sources.
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Digital Inputs): Features an outstanding 109dB signal-to-noise ratio for digital inputs, ensuring clear and detailed digital audio playback.
  • Headphone Output: Includes a headphone output with two maximum output levels, catering to various headphone models for personalized listening experiences.
  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 431 x 344 x 98mm (W x D x H), the amplifier boasts a compact design, making it suitable for integration into diverse audio setups.
  • Lightweight: Weighing 10kg (net), the amplifier is lightweight, enhancing ease of integration and setup within audio systems.
  • Voltage and Frequency Compatibility: Compatible with multiple mains voltage options (100V, 110–120V, or 220–240V) and frequencies (50–60Hz), ensuring global compatibility and versatility.

Continuous Power Output (0.5 THD), per channel
2 channels driven, 20Hz - 20kHz, 8Ω: 80W

2 channels driven, 1kHz, 4Ω: 120W

Harmonic distortion, 80 power, 8Ω at 1kHz: 0.002
Analogue Inputs
Number of inputs: 3 (RCA pairs)

Signal/noise ratio (A-wtd, ref. 50W, 1V input): 106dB

Frequency response: 20Hz—20kHz ± 0.2dB
Phono (MM) Input
Input impedance: 47kΩ + 100pF

Frequency response (ref. RIAA curve): 20Hz—20kHz ± 1dB
Digital Inputs
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.2 with AptX Adaptive technology and AAC

Supported Sample Rates (kHz): Coaxial (RCA) 192, 176.4, 96, 88.2, 48, 44.1
Optical (Toslink) 192, 176.4, 96, 88.2, 48, 44.1

Bit depths (bit): 24, 16

Frequency response (filter 1): 20Hz—20kHz ± 0.2dB

Signal/noise ratio (A-wtd, ref. 50W, 0dBFS): 109dB
Headphone Output
Maximum output level (RMS) into 32Ω/300Ω: 2.5V/5Vrms

Load range: 16Ω - 2kΩ
Mains voltage: 100V or 110–120V or 220–240V, 50–60Hz

Power consumption (maximum): 500W

Power consumption (standby): <0.5W

Dimensions W x D (including speaker terminals) x H (including feet): 431 x 344 x 98mm

Weight (net): 10kg

Weight (packed): 13kg

  • Mains lead(s)
  • Remote control with 2 x AAA batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Important Safety Instructions

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