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Höfats SPIN 120 Table-Top Fireplace Black Twin Pack With FREE Bioethanol

by Hofats
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  • 500% boost thanks to the rotating flame and the chimney effect
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Secure stand thanks to the solid base
  • The base grips surfaces with an anti-slip underside
  • DIN EN 16647 compliant
  • Burn time with one filling approx. 80 minutes
  • Includes extinguishing lid for early extinguishing
  • Includes a refill can made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel case
  • Glass cylinder made of borosilicate glass

2 x hofats SPIN 120 BLACK

1 x 1 Litre of hofats BIOETHANOL



SPIN fascinates your guests as a table-top fireplace, lantern or garden touch. A vortex of fire in a glass – in the middle of your table! With the optional elevating foot, you can even raise the table-top beauty a little higher! With the SPIN Torch variant, you can place the SPIN fire in the lawn.

SPIN will lend your next garden party a very special atmosphere as the eye-catcher of the evening.

The SPIN’s ingenious design concept allows the supply air to flow to the flame in a rotating manner. The glass’s own thermal and chimney effect also drives the safely enclosed fire vortex. As a result, the flame grows by more than 500 percent- without any additional energy!

The SPIN hosts an impressive dance of flames by simply burning bioethanol in a can. You can capture this unique dance any time you wish, by placing the can into the stainless-steel footing on an even surface and lighting the combustion gel with an extended universal lighter/ long match. Ensure to quickly put on the 54 cm high glass cylinder (high-quality borosilicate glass). Now you are ready to enjoy the luminous vortex of flames for 80 minutes. If you wish to end the spectacle prematurely, just place the enclosed extinguishing lid onto the glass cylinder, suffocating the flame within seconds. Remember to let it cool down before attempting to move it.

The SPIN has a unique effect on any environment- every situation enchanted by inspiring lighting and a cosy atmosphere. The spectacular fire vortex attracts attention, the radiating warmth keeps you warm in the coldest of environments.

You can use SPIN indoor and outdoor making it a versatile luxury to have. On the living room table, as a lantern on the balcony or as a garden torch.

With höfats bioethanol, SPIN burns safely, odourlessly, smokelessly and sustainably.

Campers will love the SPIN for the fact it creates a campfire atmosphere at the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the SPIN, you can create a campfire indoors and outdoors with an absolutely clean flame. With höfats bioethanol – a natural and sustainable alcohol that burns without soot and smoke – the only thing that remains is a little steam and a relaxed, cosy atmosphere!

Fire has captivated people since time immemorial. SPIN lets you enjoy a unique play of flame and cosy warmth safely. Whenever and wherever you want. Feel the pleasant rays of the flame whirl on your skin and make long nights really cosy: indoors, on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden!

Höfats bioethanol fuel is pure alcohol obtained from renewable raw materials and biological waste. Thus, the fuel for the SPIN is natural and therefore sustainable and also burns completely odourless and smoke-free.

*1 litre höfats bioethanol is included free of charge with this twin pack.

With höfats bioethanol, you are on the safe side in every way. The natural fuel gel is made from renewable raw materials. The result is a clean and sustainable fire vortex – CO2-neutral, smoke-free and odourless.

With two sizes and four colours, there is a plethora of SPIN products to choose from. Find the right SPIN variant for your own flame vortex now. The SPIN 90 is an impressive and space-saving table flame; the SPIN 120 takes a little more space but pushes the effect to the extreme.

Both SPIN 90 and SPIN 120 are available in a collection of colours: SPIN Silver is a soothing silver with a matt brushed surface; SPIN Grey is a cool grey inducing a tranquil environment; SPIN Gold is newly available and has a highly appealing character, fitting perfectly into a classical furnishing as well as a design interior; SPIN Black is a deep metallic black as compliment the dance of flames greatly.


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