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iFi Audio Micro IPhono3 Black Label MM/MC Phonostage

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iFi Audio Micro IPhono3 Black Label MM/MC Phonostage

The iFi Audio Micro IPhono3 Black Label Phonostage is a true audiophile's delight, offering exceptional performance for both moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridges. Designed with precision and premium components, this phonostage preamplifier delivers an unparalleled listening experience.

Audiophile-Grade Components Only the finest audiophile components find their way into the iPhono3 Black Label. It features computer-matched op-amps, high-gain bipolar output transistors, and Nichicon audio-grade capacitors. You can use virtually any MM or MC cartridge with this phono stage by adjusting the clearly labeled switches concealed beneath the chassis. Additionally, an online compatibility calculator on the iFi Audio website helps you make the right choices.

Enhanced Power Supply Powered by the upgraded iFi iPower X 15V DC power supply, the iPhono3 Black Label achieves a remarkable noise floor of below 0.1uF. It boasts an overload margin over one and a half times greater than its predecessor. This enhanced power supply ensures a pristine audio signal.

Wide Gain Range and Dynamic Range Enjoy an ultra-wide gain range from 36dB to 72dB and an incredible 110dB dynamic range thanks to the class A TubeState circuit. This circuit, crafted from four decades of research, aims to deliver a tube-like sound from a solid-state amplifier.

Premium Components Premium components, including computer-matched Burr Brown op-amps and Panasonic ECPU film capacitors, grace the iPhono3 Black Label. It incorporates an onboard subsonic filter, bringing superior technology typically found in ultra-high-end home theatre systems.

Silent Listening Pleasure With an astonishingly low 85dB noise floor (per Stereophile standard), the iPhono3 Black Label is among the quietest phono stages available. It amplifies the signal, not the noise, ensuring you hear every nuance of your music. Enjoy silent nights in your listening sanctuary.

Exacting Equalization The iPhono3 Black Label provides precise EQ curves and an explosive 108dB dynamic range, turning your listening room into a concert hall. Drawing from the technology used in the AMR PH-77, it offers the six most popular stereo EQ curves.

Tailored to Your Cartridge Every pickup (stylus) is unique, and the iPhono3 Black Label allows you to set the precise load/gain for your cartridge, whether it's MM or MC. Maximize the performance of your precious pickup with ease.

Spec'd to Thrill Beneath its unassuming footprint, the iPhono3 Black Label boasts Class A TubeState and DirectDrive Servoless technologies developed by AMR for iFi Audio. Premium audiophile components from Burr-Brown, TDK, and Nichicon ensure a whisper-quiet noise floor.

Power Duo The iPhono3 Black Label pairs perfectly with the iPower X, the latest in power supply technology, to create an audio super duo. Elevate your vinyl playback experience to new heights with this exceptional combination.

  • Class A TubeState Engine: Powered by iFi's Class A TubeState engine, which ensures high-quality audio performance and a unique sonic character.
  • Direct Drive Servoless Design: Features a Direct Drive Servoless design for precise control and stability, enhancing the overall audio experience.
  • Wide Range of Settings: Offers a wide range of adjustable settings, including gain, load, and EQ curves, allowing you to fine-tune the phono stage to match your cartridge and the record being played.
  • Ultra-Low Distortion: Achieves ultra-low distortion levels and class-leading dynamic range, ensuring the faithful reproduction of your vinyl records.
  • Super-Low Noise Floor: Boasts an exceptionally low noise floor, making it one of the quietest phono stages available, even when compared to higher-priced alternatives.
  • High Gain of 72dB: Provides a high gain of 72dB, equivalent to high-end phono stages that cost significantly more, delivering powerful and detailed audio performance.

Frequency Response10Hz – 100KHz (±0.3dB); 20Hz – 20kHz (±0.2dB)
Dynamic Range MM (36dB)> 108dB (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range MC (60dB)> 106dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio MM (36dB)> 85dB (A-weighted re. 5mV)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio MC (60dB)> 85dB (A-weighted re. 0.5mV)
Overload Margin MM (36dB)> 26dB (re. 5mV, @ 1% THD)
Overload Margin MC (60dB)> 22dB (re 0.5mV, @ 1% THD)
Crosstalk<-71dB (1KHz)
Maximum Undistorted Output7V (Load >= 600 Ohm, THD <=1%)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)<0.005% (MM 36dB 1V out 600R Load)
Output Impedance<100Ω
Input VoltageAC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption< 5W. Use with iPower X (15v) do NOT use any other power supply.
Dimensions6.2' x 2.3' x 1.1' / 158 x 58 x 28 mm
Weight0.58 lbs / 265 g

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