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iFi Audio Power Station - Active Power Conditioner Mains Bar

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The iFi Audio Power Station iFi Audio has taken its brilliant mains power technology from the iPower and iPurifier ranges and combined them into the new Power Station mains distribution block. Each component of the Power Station is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional quality and performance. The Active Noise Cancellation II technology effectively reduces noise levels by approximately -40dB, while the high purity PurCopper outlets and OFHC Continuous Cast Copper internal wiring ensure maximum signal and current transfer throughout the unit and connected cables.

A Whole-System Clean-Power Solution iFi's Power Station mains bar utilizes Active Noise Cancellation to provide a class-leading, whole-system clean-power solution for high-performance audio and AV systems. It is the latest addition to iFi's lineup of performance-enhancing audio essentials, offering a six/eight-way mains block (depending on the region) to ensure that any audio or AV system receives clean and consistent electricity, unlocking its full potential.

Addressing the Issue of Mains Quality Mains power quality is a critical factor that can affect the performance of audio systems, and it's often compromised in urban environments. The proliferation of cheap switch-mode power supplies in household appliances and the abundance of RFI/EMI interference further degrade mains quality. Since the signals that drive loudspeaker units are electrical, any corruption of the power supply inevitably impacts sound quality.

While iFi manufactures several effective products that reduce noise in incoming electrical power, the Power Station is the first to incorporate iFi's proprietary Active Noise Cancellation technology into a whole-system mains solution.

Active Noise Cancellation II - The Intelligent Solution The core technology in the Power Station is Active Noise Cancellation II, an advanced version of iFi's noise-reduction technology. Unlike most power conditioning products that rely on passive noise reduction through filters and regulators, iFi's active system uses inverse noise current to cancel out mains noise. This approach is similar to the technology used in noise-cancelling headphones.

Passive noise reduction systems are effective at higher frequencies but less so at lower frequencies. They often require large capacitors, making products bulky and costly. In contrast, iFi's Active Noise Cancellation II works across the entire frequency spectrum, consistently reducing noise levels by approximately -40dB. Additional passive filtering on each outlet eliminates noise at the highest frequencies, often caused by wireless transmission systems. The result is an affordable mains bar that effectively reduces both differential mode noise (e.g., from switch-mode power supplies) and common mode noise (e.g., interference from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

Smart Diagnostics and Protection The Power Station features smart diagnostics to indicate correct polarity and the presence of a ground/earth connection. Lack of an effective earth can lead to an audible buzz or hum through speakers due to amplified low-level mains noise. The optional ground cable (provided) can be connected to the Power Station's earth socket to address this issue, utilizing iFi's Intelligent Ground circuit, which prevents ground loops.

The Power Station not only enhances the performance of connected audio/AV components but also protects them from mains supply spikes and surges. Instantaneous and repeatable protection ensures that equipment is safeguarded against power fluctuations.

Optimized Construction for Performance The Power Station's solid aluminium construction reflects its high-quality status. Internally, each of the six/eight outlets is independently isolated within its chamber, preventing cross-contamination of differential mode noise.

PurCopper, a 99.9999% pure OFHC (Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity) continuous cast copper, is used extensively for its exceptional conductivity. This includes heavy-gauge internal wiring, solid busbars, and outlet conductive elements. The result is a level of functional performance unmatched by any mains conditioning block priced under £500.

Sonic Improvements The Power Station delivers significant sonic improvements, including enhanced clarity, definition, dynamics, and spatial qualities. It avoids the softening of leading edges, timing, and dynamics often associated with lesser products.

  • Whole System Upgrade: Elevate your entire entertainment system, whether it's for a desktop, home, office, or professional setup. Experience enhanced audio and video performance across a range of devices, including smart TVs, projectors, speakers, headphones, computers, and high-end theater systems.
  • Clean Power Solution: Benefit from a state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancellation technology that delivers a top-tier, comprehensive clean power solution for high-performance audio-video systems.
  • Specialized Construction: The unit's solid aluminium construction ensures stability and prevents it from shifting when you adjust connected devices. Inside, each outlet is independently isolated within its own chamber, and there are eight sockets available to accommodate all your equipment. PurCopper, known for its exceptional conductivity, is extensively used in the construction.
  • Smart Diagnostics System: Avoid potential issues with the automatic detection system, which identifies and rectifies polarity problems and missing ground/earth connections, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Advanced Surge Protection: Protect your valuable connected equipment from voltage spikes and electric surges in the mains supply, offering peace of mind and safeguarding your devices.

Noise Reduction> 40dB (> 100x)
Surge Protectionmax. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS
Operating Voltage90V – 265V
Sizeø 478mm (l) x 96mm (w) x 76mm (h)
ø 18.8′ (l) x 3.8′ (w) x 2.9′ (h)
Weight1.98 kg / 4.37 lbs
Warranty Period12 months

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