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Q Acoustics Concept 50 Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

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    Free & Next-Day Delivery Available

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    Hassle-Free Returns Within 30 Days

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Q Acoustics Concept 50 Floorstanding Speakers: High-End Performance, Affordable Elegance

1. Tailored for Larger Spaces with Premium Audio Performance The Q Acoustics Concept 50 floorstanding speakers are designed to deliver top-tier audio performance in larger spaces, offering a high-end home audio experience without an exorbitant price tag. Every aspect of these speakers is meticulously crafted to create the quietest cabinet possible, ensuring that the audio output is free from internal and external resonances. This design approach results in focused stereo imaging, precise audio reproduction, and an extended holographic soundstage that closely mimics the experience of a live performance.

2. Enhanced Sensitivity for Dynamic and Realistic Soundstage The Concept 50 speakers boast increased sensitivity, contributing to their dynamic range and musicality. The result is a soundstage that is not only uncannily realistic but also thrillingly immersive, captivating listeners with its lifelike reproduction of music.

3. Controlled Power with Advanced Driver Design The mechanical structure of the Concept 50 cabinet incorporates new 5-inch mid/bass and 0.9-inch tweeter drivers, specifically designed for the Concept range. These drive units are mounted on a highly rigid 3mm aluminum baffle plate, optimizing the acoustic seal and dampening vibrations. This setup minimizes structural coupling, ensuring a controlled power output and a purer sound.

4. Seamless Integration and Improved Power Handling The tweeter in the Concept 50 is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the baffle, reducing distortion and allowing for a lower crossover point. The larger 30.5mm mid/bass driver voice coil enhances motor strength, resulting in a 50% increase in power handling compared to drivers with smaller voice coils. This improvement ensures seamless integration across the crossover region and superior audio performance.

5. Vibrations-Free Crossover for Pristine Audio Quality The crossover in the Concept 50 is attached to an isolation base, safeguarding it from sound-affecting vibrations and the electromagnetic influence of the drivers. This design choice contributes to the clarity and purity of the sound produced by these speakers.

6. Sophisticated and Elegant Design Aesthetic The Concept 50 retains the sophisticated design lines and premium high gloss finish of Q Acoustics' top-range models. Featuring the iconic aluminum front baffle plate, these speakers exude elegance and modernity. Available in three striking lacquer finishes – black, silver, and white – the Concept 50 seamlessly blends with various interior designs, making them as visually appealing as they are acoustically.

  • Advanced Gelcore™ Cabinet: The Gelcore™ cabinet construction effectively reduces higher frequency noise, ensuring a clearer sound quality.
  • P2P™ Bracing System: Utilizes Point to Point™ (P2P™) internal bracing to significantly stiffen the cabinet, minimizing lower frequency vibrations for a more precise bass response.
  • HPE™ Technology: Features Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer™ (HPE™) technology, which reduces internal pressure and standing waves, enhancing the overall sound quality.
  • Effective Isolation Suspension Base: The isolation suspension base is designed to eliminate both external and internal vibrations, ensuring a purer audio experience.
  • Precision Driver Assembly: The driver assembly is mounted to the front aluminium baffle using pretensioned studs, optimizing the acoustic seal, dampening vibrations, and minimizing structural coupling with the main cabinet.
  • Enhanced Mid/Bass and Tweeter Design: The mid/bass and tweeter drivers are designed from the ground up for increased power handling, providing a more robust and dynamic audio performance.
  • Isolated High-Frequency Driver: The high-frequency driver is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (floating) from the front baffle, protecting it from internal resonances caused by the mid/bass driver.
  • Optimized Crossover Placement: The crossover design is strategically mounted on the isolation base to minimize microphonic pickup and shield it from electromagnetic fields radiated by the drive units.

Bass unit2 x 125 mm (5.0 in)
Treble unit1 x 25 mm (1.0 in)
Frequency response(-6dB)42 Hz - 30 kHz
Nominal impedance6 Ω
Minimum impedance3.6 Ω
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1kHz)90.5 dB/w/m
Recommended amplifier power25-150 W
Crossover frequency2.1 kHz
Distortion (120Hz - 20kHz, @2.83Vrms)<0.2%
Effective volume28.8 L
Dimensions (per loudspeaker / HxWxD)Inc spikes and stabiliser: 1025 x 418 x 319 mm (40.4 x 16.5 x 12.6 in), Cabinet width: 180 mm (7.1 in)
Weight (per loudspeaker)22.9 kg (50.5 lbs)

  • 2x Concept 50 speaker
  • 2x Speaker grilles
  • 2x Foam bungs
  • 1x Owner’s manual
  • 10x Ball-end feet
  • 10x Spike feet
  • 8x M4 Screw
  • 2 x Support base

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