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Comprises 1 pair Q 3050i + 3010i + Q B12 Subwoofer + Q 3090i Centre
  • The Q 3050i 5.1 Plus Cinema Pack combines the very best of the 3000i Series
  • The Q3050i floorstanding speakers boast P2P™ (Point to Point) bracing 
  • The slimline Q 3010i standmount speakers provide a large sound and deep bass 
  • The Q 3090Ci centre channel delivers crisp and clear dialogue and will bring onscreen sound to life.
  • Q B12’s sealed, ‘infinite baffle’ cabinet is cleverly braced to deliver maximum stiffness to its motor system

The 3050i 5.1 Plus Home Theater Speaker system will unleash the full potential of your home cinema electronics with the latest Q B12 subwoofer. The new Q B12 is the first Q Acoustics subwoofer to feature a 12 inch driver. The System exquisitely detailed sound will convey all the atmosphere, natural dialogue and, when required, the full bodied explosive drama of every video soundtrack.

The Q 3050i 5.0 Cinema Pack combines the very best of the 3000i Speaker Range to deliver truly a stunning home cinema system ensuring you hear every detail at its very best from your favourite music and movies. Extra comparable channels can be added to provide 7.1 or Atmos and DTS:X formats.


Each speaker that forms part of the Q 3050i 5.1 Plus Home Theater Speaker Package is a genuine hi-fi speakers incorporating a wealth of technology applied to the entire 3000i Series – resulting in an exceptional cinematic performance – perfect for the larger room thanks to the inclusion of the Q 3050i floorstanding speaker. The Q 3050i 5.0 Home Theater Speaker Package also delivers stunning musical performances. 3000i 3050i Speaker system was chosen the best speaker package by What Hi-Fi for two consecutive years.

By combining the award winning speaker package with the latest 12 inch driver Q B12 subwoofer, we deliver a large sound and deep bass that you want from your speakers.


Easy Room Positioning

Across the entire 3000i Series, conventional terminal panel cut-outs have been removed, giving greatly improved structural integrity to the enclosures. New low profile binding posts have been incorporated with sockets deep enough to accept 4mm (0.16 in) Banana Plugs.

The speaker can be positioned very close to a rear wall even when banana plugs rather than spades or bare wires are used which means the Q 3050i 5.1 Plus Home Cinema system can be a seamless addition to your listening room, especially with the choice of finishes.

The Q 3010i bookshelf speakers can be shelf-mounted on compliant, pre-fitted rubber feet, stand-mounted or wall-mounted on optional. Dedicated floor stands and wall brackets are designed to give you ultimate flexibility in your home cinema setup.

The Q 3090Ci center speaker is the same width as most Amplifiers and AV Receivers so will fit attractively into the specialist furniture designed to house them. Center speaker can also be shelf or cabinet mounted.

Q B12 subwoofer; bass frequencies are substantially omni-directional. Although this means that you can position the subwoofer almost anywhere, the stereo image will still benefit from positioning the subwoofer in line with the front loudspeakers and as central to the listening position as possible. However, this may not be feasible in a multichannel system. If you place the subwoofer too close to a wall the bass will be reinforced, therefore in some locations the bass may be boomy and indistinct.



Bass Unit 3010i Shelf Speaker: 100 mm (4 in), 3050i Standing Speaker: 2 x 165 mm ( 6.5 in), 3090i Center Speaker: 2 x 100 mm (4 in), Q B12 Subwoofer: 305 mm (12 in)
Crossover Frequency 3010i Speaker: 2.6 kHz, 3090i Speaker: 2.7 kHz, Q B12 Subwoofer: 70 Hz - 225 Hz, 3050i Speaker: 2.5 Hz (var)
Dimensions (H/D/W) 3010i Speaker: 5.9" x 10.0" x 9.9" 3090i Speaker: 16.9" x 6.0" x 8.5" Q B12 Subwoofer: 15.75" x 17.56" x 15.75" 3050i Speaker: 12.2" x 40.2" x 12.2"
Effective Volume 3010i Speaker: 4.0 L (244 cu in), 3090i Speaker: 6.6 L (403 cu in), 3060s Subwoofer: 10.6 L (647 cu in), 3050i Speaker: 32.4 L (1977 cu in)
Enclosure Type Speakers: 2-Way Reflex, Q B12 Subwoofer: Infinite Baffle
Frequency Response 3010i Speaker: (+3 dB, -6 dB) 65 Hz - 30 kHz, 3050i Speaker: (+3 dB, -6 dB) 44 Hz - 30 kHz, 3090i Speaker: (+3 dB, -6 dB) 75 Hz - 30 kHz, Q B12 Subwoofer: 28 Hz - 300 Hz
Sensitivity 3010i Speaker: 86 dB (2.83 V@1 m), 3090i Speaker: 89 dB (2.83 V@1 m), 3050i Speaker: 91 dB (2.83 V@1 m)

In The Box

  • 1 x Q B12 Subwoofer
  • 1 x 3050i Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)
  • 1 x 3010i Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
  • 1 x 3090ci Center Speaker

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