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Sonus Faber SONETTO V 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker Pair

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Italian Traditional Culture:

Drawing inspiration from the highest echelons of Italian culture, Sonus Faber unveils the Sonetto Collection, with the name "Sonetto" signifying the most ancient Italian poetic structure. Originally denoting "Sound, Melody," the Sonetto was traditionally associated with musical performances, embodying the essence of Italian literary history.

Elegant and Discreet:

The Sonetto collection, including the Sonetto V Wengè floorstanding speakers, exemplifies versatility and ease of use, ensuring they seamlessly fit into various environments. The design philosophy places music as the focal point, allowing for an elegant and discreet integration into any space.

Leather Top:

Continuing the tradition of the Olympic line, the Sonetto collection features a leather top, hand-sewn and soft to the touch. Adorned with the hot-branded Sonus Faber logo, it adds a touch of luxury to the speakers.

The Voice of Sonus Faber:

The Sonetto V incorporates the iconic "Voice of Sonus Faber," combining a silk dome tweeter with DAD™ (Damped Apex Dome™) technology and a midrange featuring a special natural fiber and paper blend air-dried diaphragm. This configuration, renowned in the Sonus Faber catalog, makes its debut in this price range.

Midrange and Woofer:

Crafted specifically for the Sonetto collection, the midrange and woofer feature a die-cast basket, meticulously developed in Sonus Faber laboratories for optimal performance.

Lute Shape:

The lute shape, a signature design element of Sonus Faber models, eliminates internal parallel surfaces, ensuring perfect control over internal resonances for a superior audio experience.

Woofer Performance:

To achieve optimal reproduction of the lowest frequencies, a special aluminum alloy diaphragm has been designed, delivering ultra-fast, tight, and deep bass performance.

Reflex Port:

The Sonetto collection's reflex ports, strategically located on the base of the speakers (except for center channels), maintain a clean design aesthetic while offering flexibility in in-room placement.

Structural Rigidity:

Staying true to Sonus Faber's legacy, the Sonetto V features aluminum column feet, either extruded or milled from solid billets, providing extreme structural rigidity.

The Sonus Faber SONETTO V floorstanding speakers harmonize elegance, craftsmanship, and performance, delivering a symphony of sound that resonates with the rich traditions of Italian culture.

  • Italian Poetic Heritage: Sonetto signifies "Sound, Melody" in ancient Italian poetry, rooted in musical performances.
  • Versatility and Ease: Seamlessly fits into diverse environments, prioritizing music as the focal point.
  • Luxurious Leather Top: Hand-sewn leather top with the branded Sonus Faber logo adds a touch of luxury.
  • Iconic "Voice of Sonus Faber": Silk dome tweeter with DAD™ technology and a special midrange for unparalleled audio quality.
  • Crafted Midrange and Woofer: Die-cast basket design developed in Sonus Faber laboratories for optimal performance.
  • Lute Shape Design: Eliminates internal parallel surfaces for superior control over resonances.
  • Special Woofer Diaphragm: Aluminum alloy diaphragm ensures ultra-fast, tight, and deep bass reproduction.
  • Reflex Ports: Strategically located for flexibility in in-room placement without compromising design aesthetics.
  • Structural Rigidity: Aluminum column feet, either extruded or milled, provide extreme structural integrity.
  • Olympic Line Tradition: Continues the legacy of the Olympic line with a focus on elegance, craftsmanship, and performance.

System3-way floorstanding loudspeaker system. Vented box design.
Tw (Tweeter)High Definition DAD™ driver. DKM dome diaphragm, Ø 29mm
Md (Midrange)Custom diaphragm made with cellulose pulp and other natural fibers, Ø 150mm
W (Woofers)Ultra-free compression basket, aluminum cone for maximum speed. Ø 2x180mm cone drivers.
Crossover235Hz - 3,000Hz
Frequency Response38 Hz – 25,000 Hz
Sensitivity90 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m)
Nominal Impedance4 ohm
Suggested Amplifier Power Output50W – 300W, without clipping
Dimensions (HxWxD)1072 x 258 x 409 mm
42 x 10 x 16 in
Weight22.6 Kg ea – net weight
49.8 Ib ea – net weight

  • 8 Spikes
  • 8 Under Spikes
  • 8 Spike Locks
  • 2 Masks
  • 2 Fabric Dust Cards
  • 8 Feet
  • 16 Locking Screws
  • 2 Jumpers
  • 1 Allen Wrench
  • 1 Manual

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