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The New Quad REVELA 1 Stand Mount Speakers & REVELA 2 Floor Standing Speakers

The New Quad REVELA 1 Stand Mount Speakers & REVELA 2 Floor Standing Speakers

The moment you've been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived!

The QUAD REVELA Series, a masterpiece in sound engineering and design, is now available!

Original Sound; Redefined

Let the music take you on an immersive journey with the QUAD REVELA Series - a creation that embodies QUAD's legacy of 'The Closest Approach To The Original Sound'. Crafted with highly evolved technologies traced back to the iconic Corner Ribbon, these speakers, the REVELA 1 and REVELA 2, exude captivating elegance and unparalleled sonic brilliance.

The REVELA 1, a stand mount speaker, and the REVELA 2, a three-way floor stand speaker, offer dimensions and finishes that seamlessly blend modernity with timeless sophistication. Both models are meticulously crafted in luxuriously lacquered black or walnut finishes, delivering a striking combination of wood veneer and piano black, a true visual spectacle.

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At the heart of these marvels lie the QUAD True Ribbon high-frequency driver, a testament to over 70 years of evolution in ribbon driver technology. This exquisite component delivers extended high frequencies, surpassing typical dome tweeters and other planar drivers. Its 'true ribbon' design ensures a remarkably clean, detailed, and pure output, offering an audio experience that's simply breath-taking.

Elevating the listening experience further, the REVELA speakers incorporate the Reveal™ diaphragm, a fusion of wood pulp and artificial fibres engineered for transparent and detailed sound output. This innovative diaphragm, meticulously built on a cast chassis, delivers superior bass control and smooth upper-midrange resonances, ensuring each note resonates with perfection.

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Moreover, the REVELA speakers' cabinets boast optimally stressed and braced panels, complemented by bass reflex ports designed for powerful bass performance. The all-black or walnut finish options exude elegance, offering not just stunning aesthetics but also superior acoustic performance.

To optimise your listening experience, we've also introduced custom-made stands for the REVELA 1, meticulously crafted to manage vibrations and sound reflections. The REVELA 2 comes with carbon steel plinths and stainless-steel spikes, ensuring an ideal setup for your space.

Let the music reveal its true essence with QUAD REVELA - a new standard in sonic excellence!

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