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Quad REVELA 2 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

by Quad
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Unveiling the remarkable QUAD REVELA 2 Speakers a captivating new addition to the QUAD speaker series that pushes the boundaries of audio innovation.
First demonstrated in our Doug Brady room at the North West Audio Show 2023, the remarkable Quad REVELA 2 Floorstanding Speakers are a captivating new addition to the Quad speaker range.

Building upon QUAD's legacy of innovation and design excellence, the Revela series seamlessly integrates the finest advancements from the acclaimed S-series and Z-series. This evolution maintains the brand's rich design heritage, which dates back to 1949 and the inception of the legendary QUAD speaker – the Corner Ribbon. This iconic design legacy is now elevated with the integration of the QUAD 'True Ribbon' HF driver, a hallmark of the brand's commitment to sonic excellence.
Under the guidance of QUAD's Director of Acoustics, Peter Comeau, the engineering team has embarked on a transformative journey, spanning over four years of relentless research and development.

The result is a Ribbon HF driver that redefines musical delicacy, offering an unparalleled smoothness and an astonishing 'hear-through' performance. The REVELA 2 Speakers unveil the exquisite details within your music collection, delivering an awe-inspiring and breathtaking performance that exceeds expectations.

The advanced ‘True Ribbon’ unit is married to equally high-performance bass and midrange drivers.
Again, subject to many years of research, development, testing and continuous innovation, the mid and bass drivers feature a new advanced fibre composition, aptly labelled ‘Reveal™’.

Refined for seamless integration with the ‘True Ribbon’ HF, the smooth diaphragm drivers were purpose selected based on their rigidity and excellent self-damping properties. This new diaphragm, combined with a new, specially developed custom rubber surround, for a greater excursion and a new high-power motor system, means that the result is a superb bass performance, with power, depth, speed and articulation in abundance. And, of course, putting it all together is a phase-compensated Acoustic Butterworth crossover resulting from not only Computer-Aided Design but also hundreds of hours of critical listening tests using all types and flavours of music to achieve perfection.

Polished to Perfection
The Revela series continues QUAD’s industrial design evolution, sported in the models of recent years – such as the Vena and Artera series. The Revela series cabinets are skilfully hand-finished to a quality far exceeding that of relative competitors in this class. The Revela series is available in options of a polished real-wood veneer and seamless polished-paint finish or a simple and uber-classy ‘all-black’ glossy paint finish. In either finish, the Revela cabinets are a sight to behold! The precision-fitted baffle is seamlessly joined, also with a polished finish, for a presentation of the highest order. More than just a genuinely stunning furniture-quality piece of craftsmanship, the cabinet is internally braced, using a purpose-engineered structure connected to the cabinet panels in a manner that dissipates unwanted vibrations and resonances, thus maintaining structural rigidity, even under the most strenuous of performances. More than just a photobook-quality design!

Free-flowing Purity
Adding to the highly effective innovations in QUAD Revela, the port tube design is precisely positioned with the optimum diameter and flaring to prevent longitudinal resonances from colouring the speaker’s performance. The low and midrange frequencies can perform with a free-flowing purity and no unintended resonance or boominess – giving you the full dynamics of your music.
A serious statement piece from QUAD, the Revela series is the culmination of more than four years of development. It offers advanced technology, beautiful looks and breath-taking performance, all combined masterfully for ‘The Closest Approach To The Original Sound’.
Color: Black

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