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We have just started stocking the Bassocontinuo Ultrafeet in store

We have just started stocking the Bassocontinuo Ultrafeet in store

We have just started stocking the Bassocontinuo Ultrafeet in store as an added isolation solution to compliment any HiFi component or even a one box HiFi you may have. They come in five different levels depending on how heavy your equipment is.

Level 1 will support equipment of 0.3 - 45kg (using three feet) or 0.4 – 60kg (using four feet)

Level2 will support equipment of 0.3 – 7.5kg (using three feet) or 0.4 – 10kg (using four feet)

Level 3 will support equipment of 7.8 – 15kg (using three feet) or 10.4 – 20kg (using four feet)

Level 4 will support equipment of 15.3 – 30kg (using three feet) or 20.4 – 40kg (using four feet)

Level 5 will support equipment of 30.3 – 60kg (using three feet) or 40.4 – 80kg (using four feet)

Available too are the Level 6 Isolation feet specifically designed to fit under floor standing loudspeakers. These can support speakers weighing between 20.4kg – 100kg.

I was curious as to what the benefits would really be on using these isolators. I have my equipment in a closed cabinet which has no real isolating benefits other than being solid wood in design. I’ve obviously tried using these in the demo room with several pieces of HiFi, and of course, the results were really very good despite using isolating HiFi racks. But I wanted to get an idea of what the effect would be working in a more real-world environment like mine.

On a single shelf inside sits my Lyngdorf TDAI1120 streamer and amplifier. I placed four of the Level 3 Ultrafeet under the feet of the Lyngdorf. Although the eight capacity of the level 3’s was a little over the top as my Lyngdorf only carries the weight of around 3.5kg overall with cables plugged in. But I was more interested in what resulted in the listening.

I did what I normally do on a Sunday and put Radio Paradise on through my saved inputs on the Lyngdorf. Instantly I heard a huge shift in performance. Vocals were more pronounced, backing vocals really shone through and became a lot more prominent behind the lead singer’s voice.

The quieter interlude within the music was more defined and the instruments sounded much easier to follow. Especially where there were busy drum solo’s

I decided it was serious music time and switched over to Qobus where I tend to stream from these days. The system sang like I’ve never experienced before, every piece of music I put on just blew me away in terms of performance. I thought I was quite happy with my little set-up as it was with Chord Epic X connecting from my unit to my PMC Twenty5.23is. I even had one of Chord company’s Ground arrays plugged into the back of the system. It all sounded great until I tried these little gems. I reckon the performance level has improved by around 20 percent. The biggest jump compared to any other tweaks I have added on over the last couple of years!

Those feet are not going to be brought back to the store. I am keeping them as I know that if I now remove them my system will no longer perform to that standard again.

If you would like to try these yourself, please come to the store, you can listen to the difference in the demo room or even try them on your kit at home. One thing I will guarantee is that you really will not be able to drag them off your setup once you’ve tried them!

For me? I cannot wait to try the Level 6’s on my speakers but I suspect the result will be the same.

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