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From Standmount to Floorstanding, to Subwoofers, Tweeters as well as hidden-away in-wall or in-ceiling - we have a huge range of Speakers to suit your needs. We also have a range of outdoor speakers for those garden parties.

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    Dynaudio Confidence 30 Compact Floor Stand Speaker -Smoke High Gloss

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    Next-generation DDC sound-beaming technology leads the way in the smallest of the all-new Confidence floor-standers The tricky thing about ...

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  • Original price £9,600.00 - Original price £9,600.00
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    Dynaudio Confidence 20 Compact Floor Stand Speaker -Smoke High Gloss

    In Stock

    We don’t think a speaker’s size should dictate how good it sounds… so we don’t let it The compact Confidence 20 takes the performance, the p...

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FAQs about Speakers

When selecting outdoor speakers, it's crucial to look for durability and weather resistance. Ensure the speakers are designed to withstand various weather conditions like rain, sun, and temperature changes. Also, consider their power handling and sound coverage to ensure they can deliver clear audio in an open outdoor environment.

Stand mount speakers, also known as bookshelf speakers, are compact and designed to be placed on a stand or shelf. They're ideal for smaller spaces or rooms where space is a premium. Floor standing speakers, on the other hand, are larger and designed to stand on the floor, offering more powerful bass and a fuller sound. Your choice should depend on your room size, sound preference, and space availability.

In-wall speakers offer a sleek and unobtrusive look, blending seamlessly with your room’s décor. They're great for saving space and minimizing clutter. Before installation, consider the wall's structure and the speaker's size to ensure it fits properly. Also, think about the wiring needs and whether your wall can accommodate these requirements.

In-ceiling speakers are perfect for creating an immersive surround sound experience, especially in home theatres. They provide overhead sound, adding dimension to your audio. Like in-wall speakers, they save space and blend with the ceiling. Prior to installation, ensure your ceiling can support the speaker's weight and that there's adequate space for wiring.

Speaker placement significantly impacts sound quality. For optimal audio performance, place speakers at ear level and ensure they're angled towards your listening position. Avoid placing speakers too close to walls or corners to reduce bass buildup. The room's size, shape, and furnishings also affect acoustics, so consider these factors when positioning your speakers for the best sound experience.

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