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Anthem MCA325 Gen2 3-Channel Power Amplifier

by Anthem
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Complete Redesign for Unrivaled Performance: Anthem proudly introduces the MCA GEN 2 Amplifiers, a pinnacle of audio innovation. This series undergoes a groundbreaking redesign, minimizing internal cabling to ensure a pure, unobstructed audio path. Low-flux toroidal transformers and enhanced input transistors contribute to greater transparency, leading to improved benchmarks in power bandwidth and slew rate. The result is an impressive signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB, virtually eliminating background noise and delivering pure, natural sound reproduction.

Higher Power into Demanding Loads: The MCA 525 GEN 2, unlike traditional 5-channel amplifiers, shares two power supplies among all channels. This innovative approach enables instant delivery of full bursts of power without compromising channel separation. The outcome is the capability to handle demanding loads with ease, providing an immersive audio experience.

Engineered for Reliability: Addressing common amplifier challenges, the MCA GEN 2 series offers reduced inrush current and operates at a minimal 1-2W in "standby" mode. The amplifiers feature larger, more conductive audiophile binding posts, ensuring maximum contact with speaker cables. Anthem's commitment to reliability extends to manual, trigger, or input signal-based power-on options, emphasizing user convenience.

Next Generation Advanced Load Monitoring™ Technology: The MCA GEN 2 Amplifiers feature exclusive ALM™ technology, monitoring internal temperature, current, and voltage for safe, uninterrupted operation. Eliminating the need for internal fuses, ALM™ engages instantly during extreme conditions, safeguarding the amplifier and speakers. This new generation ALM™ minimizes the chance of line fuse blowouts, ensuring unaffected channels continue to play, with automatic resumption once conditions normalize.

Design Philosophy: Anthem's design philosophy revolves around delivering premium performance and convenience at a reasonable price. Meticulous component selection, custom circuit topologies, and robust power supplies embody this philosophy. The team at the Paradigm/Anthem Research Center, with decades of combined experience, plays a crucial role in achieving this balance.

Limitless Possibilities: Modern premium home theaters demand support for numerous speakers and subwoofers to handle advanced audio codecs. When paired with AVM 70 or AVM 90 A/V Processors, MCA amplifiers provide an audio quality rivaling commercial cinemas. Scalability allows customization, and with AVM Processors managing up to 15.4 channels, the experience is enhanced by ARC Genesis Room Correction for optimal sound quality.

Massive Toroidal Power: The MCA amplifiers deliver incredible dynamics with conservatively rated power supplies and low flux toroidal power transformers. These transformers ensure ultra-quiet performance by minimizing magnetic field radiation, providing clean, low-noise power to reproduce the full dynamics of home theater and music recordings.

The Anthem Advantage: With over 35 years of hands-on design and innovative audio engineering, Anthem electronics stand as the preferred choice for knowledgeable audiophiles, professional musicians, and engineers worldwide. Anthem's MCA GEN 2 Amplifiers set new standards, offering outstanding performance in the realm of home audio.

Innovation, reliability, and unparalleled performance – Anthem's MCA GEN 2 Amplifiers redefine the audio landscape, promising an exceptional audio experience.

  • High-End Home Cinema: The MCA 325 GEN 2 is ideal for high-end home cinema systems, specifically designed to power your front and center speakers in a three-channel system.
  • Scalability - Grow with Your System: This amplifier is scalable and adaptable to evolving AV systems, making it suitable for various setups.
  • Perfect Match for Anthem AV Processors: Developed to perfectly match Anthem's AVM-70 and AVM-90 AV Processors, ensuring a harmonious and high-quality audio experience.
  • XLR Balanced Connections: Connect via pro-quality XLR Balanced inputs, providing excellent noise resistance and secure connections for optimal sound quality.
  • Gloss/Matte Front Panel: Features an eye-catching gloss/matte front panel that complements the style of Anthem AV processors.
  • Dolby Atmos and More: Designed for advanced AV systems, such as Dolby Atmos 9.4.6 configurations with multiple speakers and subwoofers.
  • Massive Power: Equipped with toroidal transformers, oversized heatsinks, and high-current output transistors, delivering a robust 225 watts per channel at 8 ohms.
  • Clean and Clear Sound: High-quality components and precision construction provide excellent clarity and resolution with a low signal-to-noise ratio of 120dB.
  • Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM): Anthem's ALM technology monitors temperature, current, and voltage output to protect the circuits without affecting sound quality.
  • Professional Features: Offers professional-grade XLR balanced inputs alongside standard RCA phono inputs for flexibility and superior connection options.

Inputs / Outputs
  • Inputs: Single-Ended, Balanced, Relay Trigger (3.5-mm Mono Jack)
  • Outputs: Speaker Binding Posts, Relay Trigger (3.5-mm Mono Jack)
  • Front Panel: Power (On/Off)
  • Rear Panel: 3 On/Off Modes (Trigger, Manual, Auto)
  • at 1 kHz: 0.0010%
  • at 20 kHz: 0.015%
IMD AT 100 W
  • ITU-R (19 kHz + 20 kHz): 0.0005%
  • SMPTE (60 Hz + 7 kHz): 0.002%
  • Open Circuit: ± 0.1 dB
  • 8Ω: ± 0.1 dB
  • 4Ω: ± 0.1 dB
  • 2Ω: ± 0.2 dB
  • SNR, IEC-A, ref. 225 W: 120 dB
  • Power Bandwidth, -3 dB at 200 W into 8 ohms: 90 kHz
  • Slew Rate: 30 V/μs
  • Damping Factor, 20 Hz to 1 kHz: 300
  • Channel Separation, 100 Hz to 10 kHz: >65 dB
  • Input Impedance (RCA / XLR): 10 kΩ / 15 kΩ
  • Input Sensitivity, 225 W into 8 Ω: 1.5 Vrms
  • Voltage Gain: 29 dB
  • Height: 6-5/8” (16.9 cm)
  • Height with Rackmount Kit: 4U
  • Width: 17-1/4" (43.9 cm)
  • Depth: 18-1/8" (46 cm)
  • MCA 525 (Gen. 2): 61 lb (27.5 kg)
  • MCA 325 (Gen. 2): 43 lb (19.5 kg)
  • MCA 225 (Gen. 2): 40 lb (18 kg)

  • Amplifier
  • Power cord
  • User Manual

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