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Hegel H30A Power Amplifier

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Hegel H30A Power Amplifier

The Hegel H30A embodies the essence of The Orchestra, commanding music with unparalleled power and precision. Equipped with immense power capabilities, speaker matching becomes a non-issue, allowing The Orchestra to deliver stellar performances in any venue, from large stadiums to intimate cellar clubs. With meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled skill, The Orchestra effortlessly conveys music in ways previously unimagined, making every listening experience unforgettable. Simply put, the H30A stands as the epitome of orchestral perfection.

Unmatched Power

As our reference power amplifier, the H30A earns its nickname as The Orchestra by effortlessly commanding any music on any speakers with unrivalled excellence. In its mono state, it astoundingly delivers 1100 watts in 8 ohms, maintaining complete stability even with 1-ohm loads. Achieving this level of performance necessitates the application of our expertise in amplifier design, coupled with cutting-edge electronics. The H30A's power supply features two separate 1000 VA toroidal transformers for rapid response and minimal transformer hum. With a power bank boasting 270,000 μF capacitors, the H30A can handle the most demanding musical passages at any volume level, always maintaining ample power reserves. The output stage incorporates 56 pieces of 15A 200W high-speed, ultra-low distortion bipolar transistors, ensuring a consistent power delivery that eliminates concerns related to speaker sensitivity or load variations.

Attention to Detail

Despite its formidable power, the H30A prioritises sonic fidelity with meticulous attention to detail. Electrical interference and higher-order harmonic distortion are effectively mitigated in the input stage using hand-matched single pair FET transistors, which exhibit no higher-order harmonic distortion. Additionally, our patented SoundEngine technology actively monitors the music signal for corruptions, employing a feed-forward design to correct distortion in real-time, ensuring a smooth and natural sound reproduction without compromising on detail.

Versatile Connectivity

Designed primarily as a mono power amplifier, the H30A also functions seamlessly as a stereo power amplifier. It features both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs, along with a 12V trigger input for added convenience. High-quality, gold-plated speaker binding posts ensure optimal connectivity for a superior listening experience.

Total Control

With the H30A, the concept of "more" becomes irrelevant, as it transcends traditional expectations of amplifier performance. Delivering deep, controlled bass, exceptionally detailed high frequencies, and sublime midrange vocal articulation, the H30A exemplifies total control and musicality. It effortlessly drives virtually all known loudspeakers with authority and ease, never sounding forced, only relaxed and musical.

  • Power Output: Provides 1100 watts at 8 ohms, delivering ample power for high-fidelity audio reproduction.
  • Dual Mono Configuration: Utilises a dual mono design for superior channel separation and stereo imaging.
  • SoundEngine2 Technology: Incorporates advanced SoundEngine2 technology for precise and distortion-free sound reproduction.
  • 56 Bipolar Transistors: Equipped with 56 bipolar transistors for robust and stable amplification.
  • Mono/Stereo Mode: Offers the flexibility to operate in both mono and stereo modes, catering to different audio setups and preferences.

Output PowerMore than 1100 W in 8 ohms (mono)
Min. Load Impedance1 ohm load
InputsRCA unbalanced and XLR balanced
Speaker OutputsOne pair of heavy-duty gold plated terminals
Input ImpedanceBalanced 20 kohm, unbalanced 10 kohm
Signal to Noise RatioMore than 100 dB
CrosstalkLess than -100 dB
DistortionLess than 0.003% at 100 W in 8 ohm
IntermodulationLess than 0.01% (19 kHz + 20 kHz)
Damping FactorMore than 500 (mono)
Power Supply2000 VA dual mono, 270,000 μF capacitors
Output Stage56 pcs 15 A 200 W high speed, ultra-low distortion bipolar transistors
Power Consumption120 W in idle mode
Dimensions/Weight24 cm x 43 cm x 57.5 cm (HxWxD), weight 47.4 kg
Dimensions/Weight (US)9.4" x 17" x 25.6" (HxWxD), 104.5 lbs

  • Hegel H30A Power Amplifier
  • Power Cord
  • Accessory Box
  • User Manual

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