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Puritan PSM156 Mains Conditioner With Upgrade Ultimate Power Cable

by Puritan
SKU 87139
Original price £1,910.00 - Original price £2,070.00
Original price
£1,910.00 - £2,070.00
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Cable Size : 1 Metre

  • Free & Next-Day Delivery Available

    Free & Next-Day Delivery Available

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    Hassle-Free Returns Within 30 Days

  • 1 Year Warranty

    1 Year Warranty for Peaceful Ownership

Puritan Audio PSM156 Studio Master Mains Purifier 

The PSM156 builds upon the brilliance of the legendary PSM136, retaining the precision symmetrically balanced circuitry and featuring 6 fully independent outputs.

Increasing the number of independently tuned filter elements from 39 to 52 enables your system to deliver even greater delicacy and detail while enhancing dynamics and punch.

With the PSM156, the definition takes an enormous stride forward. Individual instruments gain air between them, with their sound and timbre becoming believable. The soundstage will move out of your speakers and into the room, offering gains in three-dimensionality of the soundstage. The clarity, definition, and space between the instruments open up further, allowing you to more easily immerse yourself in different parts of the music. Your listening experience will become far more engaging and pleasurable.

Remember, your system is only as good as the power that feeds it, so give it the best possible upgrade with a Puritan mains conditioner, with six sockets available to offer a sonic improvement to multiple components.

Puritan UDTMC Ultimate Mains Lead

Ultimate Power Cords
Utterly Unique... Utterly Wonderful

The Puritan Ultimate cables are an extraordinary blend of tactile sensation and advanced technology. Beneath their incredible feel lies a combination of innovative features designed to elevate your audio experience:

The Puritan Ultimate cables boast a flexibility akin to that of a silk rope, with multiple layers of soft fabric protecting the conductors to prevent vibration pickup. This inherent flexibility eliminates vibration distortion, a common enemy of fidelity, ensuring that any unwanted interference is neutralised before reaching the heart of your system's circuitry.

The individual power conductors feature massive 41 Amps range 12 AWG extreme high-purity copper cores insulated with specially formulated ultra-soft silicone dielectric. Over this, three different highly flexible nanotechnology membranes are sequentially applied:

  1. The first layer consists of complex assemblies of carbon atoms formed into elaborate molecular structures, intercepting incoming airborne interference frequencies and neutralising them. Additionally, they detect and neutralise unwanted frequencies transmitted through the power conductors themselves.
  2. The second layer acts as a magnetic barrier, providing a more comprehensive and effective shield against electromagnetic interference waves compared to conventional copper and mylar screens.
  3. The third layer is a carbon-resistive absorptive screen, working in conjunction with the magnetic barrier to create an EMI barrier unparalleled in its efficacy.

Furthermore, the ground conductor is treated along its entire length with a highly flexible and complex polycrystalline metals layer, drawing out and neutralising interference frequencies present on the ground line.

The culmination of these groundbreaking design and materials features is a power cable unlike any other in the world, capable of elevating your system's performance to entirely new heights.

  • Enhanced Performance: The Puritan Audio PSM156 Studio Master Mains Purifier, with its precision symmetrically balanced circuitry and 52 fully independent outputs, elevates your audio system's performance to new heights.
  • Improved Detail and Dynamics: With an increased number of independently tuned filter elements, from 39 to 52, this purifier enhances delicacy, detail, dynamics, and punch in your audio playback.
  • Expanded Soundstage: Experience a remarkable expansion in the soundstage as individual instruments gain air and believability, with enhanced three-dimensionality and space between the instruments.
  • Engaging Listening Experience: Enjoy a more immersive and pleasurable listening experience with improved clarity, definition, and instrument separation, allowing you to engage deeply with the music.
  • Six Independent Outlets: The purifier features six 15 Amp outlets, each with independent refilter stages for both common and differential mode disturbances, ensuring minimal cross-contamination between connected equipment.
  • Comprehensive Purification: With 52 cumulative stages of purification, common and differential mode interference is effectively removed, resulting in enhanced clarity, staging, and dynamics.
  • Optimised Dynamic Performance: Equal resistance routing to all outputs realises full dynamic performance, ensuring consistent and high-quality audio playback.
  • Advanced Surge Protection: Benefit from a massive 30,000 amps of three-dimensional surge protection, safeguarding your equipment from electrical fluctuations.
  • Built-in Earth Management System: The integral earth management system with cleansed ground and star earthing format lowers the noise floor, enhancing clarity and dynamics.
  • High-Quality Construction: Featuring silver-plated OFC copper PTFE insulated internal wiring and electrically and magnetically shielded casing, the purifier is built to deliver exceptional performance and durability.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Rated Voltage of 110-250v AC 50/60Hz and IEC Type C20 Input ensure compatibility with a wide range of audio systems.
  • Manufactured in the UK: Proudly manufactured in the UK, the PSM156 comes with a 5-year guarantee, offering peace of mind and reliability.
  • Recognised Excellence: Awarded a 6 Moons Blue Moon, reserved only for outstanding products of rare excellence, further validating its superior performance and quality.

Puritan UDTMC Ultimate Mains Lead

  • Conductor Material: Features massive 41 Amps rated 12 AWG extreme high purity copper cores for robust power transmission.
  • Insulation: Insulated with specially formulated, ultra-soft silicone dielectric for superior signal integrity.
  • Advanced Nanotechnology Membranes: Three different highly flexible nanotechnology membranes are sequentially applied:
  • Ground Conductor Treatment: The ground conductor is treated along its entire length with a highly flexible and complex polycrystalline metals layer, which effectively draws out and neutralises interference frequencies present on the ground line.
  • Puritan PSM156 Mains Conditioner
  • Ultimate Power Cable

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