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Solidsteel Hw-2 Hyperspike Table-Flat Black

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Design Origins

To celebrate the big success of the traditional "Hyperspike Series", officially introduced in the world market in 2006 and still considered as the highest technical and qualitative expression of our products, comes the innovative Hyperspike Prestige Series (HP Series) with the big purpose of paying tribute to the universe of high fidelity through a line of exclusive products built with solid stainless steel hardware parts and ceramic shelves filled with a medium-high density polyurethane foam.

A Unique Rack

We are extremely proud of having developed the first Series of High-End Audio racks in the World with stainless steel hardware parts and ceramic shelves: the extreme and precise turning of the spikes, combined with the excellent technical characteristics of the special ceramic shelves, merges in a remarkable combination of materials for the highest valorization of the best audio components on the market, allowing also the finest efficiency on the damping of vibrations within our entire catalogue.

How It's Made

The solidity of the ceramic, also strong of its important insulating properties, which already are widely used from years in the building and medical industry, is applied to a rigid frame made with resin edges (to allow the precise drilling of the holes), designed for a homogeneous filling based on polyurethane foam. This innovative technique is been studied for increasing the efficiency degree for vibration's dampening. In this way, the stickiness of the material favors the attenuation of tremors and natural oscillations. The hardware setup lends well to support the working of the whole structure that, through the prestigious "Hyperspike" stainless steel spikes, tend to discharge toward the ground all the vibrations that generates resonance.

The Result

It is therefore fundamental setting up properly the product spikes before of placing the audio components on the shelves. This is very practical thanks to the easy regulating system of each frame part. Once done that, the HP rack will be able of valorizing your audio system by not coloring the audio frequencies but just reducing the amount of vibrations that the components, the room and the sound may create. Clarity, depth and harmony will be easily achieved if your music room will allow it.


For the best audio performances we recommend that every Hyperspike must be touching its concave spot on the frame. In other words, the product setup is the most important thing if you are considering the rack purchase. The Hyperspike Prestige consists of decoupled shelves according to the most advanced of our technologies. The quality and combination of materials represents the best that our brand has ever made.

The Exclusive Finishes

The rack is available both in "Slate Black" and in "Natural Travertine" finish. In both cases, all the shelf surfaces are scratch-proof. Thanks to their ceramic properties, which embellish these models increasing their durability, your audio room will be enriched by a luxury high-end rack able to support all your components. A damp cloth will be perfect for cleaning the shelves and a drop of synthetic white oil on a cloth will give incredible brightness to the stainless steel hardware parts. Each shelf have a weight sustainability of tested 100 Kg (220 lb).

Share with Us Your Audio System

Let be guided by our Professional Team for the best choice of your Stand. We are glad of offering a free consulting service for choosing the best models for your needs. Just send us an e-mail through our contact form, including details on your present or future audio-video components, and our Team will provide complete information for your best setup. The service includes a worldwide sales support.

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