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Yamaha A-S2200 Integrated Amplifier

by Yamaha
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Yamaha A-S2200 Integrated Amplifier

The Yamaha A-S2200 is an analogue-only integrated stereo amplifier, released alongside the A-S1200 and A-S3200 as part of a trio to update their respective predecessors. The A-S2200 is designed using modern technology but makes a nod to the nostalgic Hi-Fi era with its physical appearance. The chassis is finished in a smooth metal and gives way to a central VU metre on the front panel. What sets the A-S2200 apart from the A-S1200 is the addition of balanced XLR inputs, thicker internal speaker wires, and brass (rather than iron) feet.

The A-S2200 adopts a Mechanical Ground Concept, helping keep the unit structurally sound and acting as a preventative measure for distortion and vibration. This concept is evident in the heavy-duty hardware and components welded firmly to the chassis. A toroidal transformer, typically used in flagship models, efficiently drives the 90 watts-per-channel (8 ohms) unit and helps deliver the emotions Yamaha strives to reproduce in your Hi-Fi experiences. It is an ideal fit for audiophiles wishing to feel a greater connection to their music with an efficient and natural performance.

Golden-Age Hi-Fi

The A-S2200 is a high-quality integrated stereo amplifier that pays homage to the golden age of Hi-Fi with its beautiful design featuring volume unit level meters. It boasts an array of cutting-edge technology that accurately delivers an emotional, purely musical sound, as per Yamaha's Hi-Fi philosophy. The amplifier features high-quality components which work in synergy to provide exceptional musical expression, ensuring the listener experiences a true connection with the music.

Toroidal Transformer

At the heart of the A-S2200 lies a toroidal power transformer, which provides enormous energy for the unit's high-performance standards. Generally reserved for only flagship Hi-Fi components, this type of transformer, when paired with a suite of high-end features, helps deliver a more authentic and natural musical experience. To add to the technological characteristics of the amplifier, level meters on the front face not only hearken back to a nostalgic Hi-Fi age but also visually present sonic data under soft LED illumination.

Mechanical Ground and Low Impedance

The A-S2200 adopts a low impedance concept, aided by thick wires for ground connection. In comparison to the A-S1200, the A-S2200 model has thicker cabling for extra insulation and sound purity. This design is critical for premium Hi-Fi componentry and helps to present an open, natural sound stage, sonically bringing the artist and listener closer together. As well as the low impedance concept, the Mechanical Ground Concept is crucial to this amplifier's performance. This concept, shared by the A-S1200 and A-S3200 models, involves bolting the feet, large heat sink, power transformer, and block capacitors directly to the main chassis. This design eliminates unwanted vibration, allowing for expressive and rhythmic bass without distraction.

Custom and Quality Components

The A-S2200 employs carefully selected components, such as custom-designed block capacitors and high-quality resistors, ensuring that the amplifier delivers a clean, dynamic sound with minimal distortion. These components contribute to a more engaging and enjoyable listening experience, allowing the listener to appreciate every nuance of their favourite music. Adding to the amplifier's rigidity are the heavy-duty feet which help decouple the unit from the furniture below. These feet are silver-plated brass offering greater corrosion resistance, durability, and strength than the A-S1200's iron feet. The amplifier also features original speaker terminals, cut directly from pure brass. These luxurious terminals offer a highly secure connection and fit comfortably in the hand for effortless tightening.

  • Fully Balanced Circuit Design: Ensures high-quality audio reproduction from input to speaker output, maintaining signal integrity for an authentic listening experience.
  • Large Toroidal Power Transformer: Delivers ample energy to drive speakers with precision, resulting in authentic Hi-Fi sound reproduction.
  • Gorgeous Level Meters: Vintage-inspired level meters provide visual feedback of dynamics and music pulse, adding a nostalgic touch to the listening experience.
  • Thick Ground Wires: Ground wires are thickened to reduce impedance, contributing to a wide and open soundstage with enhanced clarity and detail.
  • Mechanical Ground Concept: Maximises rigidity to enhance bass response, providing expressive and rhythmic low frequencies for a dynamic listening experience.
  • Extended Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with an extended 5-year warranty, available via product registration, ensuring long-term reliability and support.

Maximum Power (4 ohms, 1kHz, 0.7% THD, for Europe)160 W + 160 W
High Dynamic Power/Channel (8/6/4/2 ohms)105/135/190/220 W
Damping Factor≧ 250 (1 kHz, 8 ohms)
Frequency Response+0 / -3 dB (5 Hz-100 kHz), +0 / -0.3 dB (20 Hz-20 kHz)
RIAA Equalization Deviation+/-0.5 dB (PHONO (MM/MC))
Dimensions (W x H x D)435×157×463 mm; 17-1/8" x 6-1/8" x 18-1/4"
Weight22.7 kg; 50.0 lbs
Rated Output Power[20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.07% THD] 90 W + 90 W (8 ohms), 150 W + 150 W (4 ohms)
Total Harmonic Distortion (20Hz to 20kHz)[Input 0.5 V] PHONO MC→LINE2 OUT: 0.02 % (1.2 mVrms), PHONO→LINE2 OUT: 0.005 % (1.2 Vrms), CD, etc./BAL→SP OUT: 0.035 % (50 W/8 ohms)
Signal-to-Noise RatioPHONO MC: 90 dB, PHONO MM: 96 dB, CD, etc.: 110 dB, BAL: 114 dB
Input Sensitivity[1 kHz, 100 W/8 ohms] PHONO MC: 150 uVrms/50 ohms, PHONO MM: 3.5 mVrms/47 kohms, CD, etc.: 200 mVrms/47 kohms, MAIN IN: 1 Vrms/47 kohms, BAL: 200 mVrms/100 kohms
Transformer625VA (Toroidal)

  • Remote control
  • Batteries (AAA, R03, UM-4) (×2)
  • Power cable*
  • Owner’s Manual (this book)
  • Safety Brochure
  • * Multiple power cables might be included in the package depending on the area of distribution.
    Please use the one that is appropriate for your AC outlet

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